Sunday, June 2, 2013


Hello, Friends!

Our theme for our Designer Craft Connection this month is "Happiness is Homemade".  I couldn't think of just one thing that is a happy thing because there are so many!  So, I decided to share a little about where my happiness begins, and some of the things that keep me happy!  I perused through my blog library of photos and came up with a collage of photos that aptly describe Homemade Happiness for me!
The picture below was taken about a year ago of me in my home studio.  Everything is pretty much the same, but my hair is a little darker.   I spend a lot of hours in this room and day or night you can probably find me in here!

See my clock on the wall ? Well, right next to it, to the left, I have been going to put a black and white striped semi-circular awning...above my computer area, to go with striped awnings over my high windows.  This was the intent when I painted my studio light pink....and I just haven't got it done yet!  When I do, I will be sure to post a picture and show it all off!  That will make me happy!

The kitty you see below is Buffy.  She is a fixture in my studio and was after my computer mouse when I took this picture!  Lol.  Being an indoor cat, she doesn't have a lot to keep her from getting bored, but she does like to lick plastic bags for some reason!  The only thing I can figure is that we had catnip in one when she was a kitten and she used to get into it!

Another thing that makes me happy this time of year are the passion flowers that grow in my yard.  They fill up with blooms that last for about three days each.  Then, they close up into a pod and dry up.  I discovered that if you open up the pod, something resembling a fairy pops up.  

This discovery inspired me to create some rubber stamps...and I have a couple of the images shown below.
Did I mention I like to draw too?  Makes me happy!  

Ok....I have a couple of more things that bring happiness into my world.....
I love to make dolls!  I don't get to make them from fabric much anymore, because I have other things that take my time. Below are a couple of larger sitting fairy dolls that I created a few years ago.  One of them is in someone else's home now, but the one on the left still keeps me company.

This mama duck and her brood was in our back yard one day.  How fun to get to watch them run around before she decided to take them back home across the street.  We have lots of geese and ducks living on the golf course across the street.  (Not a busy street, mind you...)

One day, I heard a swooshing noise outside of my studio window.  I looked out of the top window...and this is what I saw!  I took this picture through the glass, but it still came out pretty clear!  That was a happy moment!  I wonder who was in the basket.....

See this black kitty?  His name is Terror.  He belongs to my daughter and he likes to come visit me while I am working too.  He is a little more notorious about getting up in my stuff....but he is pretty cute, so I usually let him hang out for a while!

 Now the next picture is my little buddy, Tucker.  He lays claim to the family at large, but he is definitely my little sidekick!  He loves his mom, and I must admit,he is a sweet, fuzzy little dog and I love him too!  He has a couple of hang-outs in my studio.  His kennel, and the closet.  The latter is his favorite spot when I am home with him.

Here he is chillin' on a warm day after playing in the yard.

This is Kooky, the craft lady!  She would want me to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to let me share some of my Homemade Happiness with you!  Hopefully you will get some inspiration going through our Blog Hop today.  Just click on the blue DCC button to go forward or backward and check out some more Designer blogs! 




  1. Lovely studio! I love how you allow your surroundings and every day experiences to inspire your creativity. Keep it up :)

    1. Thank you, Tatiana! On a normal day I have more inspiration surrounding me than I can walk around! Lol. I do love working from home! :-)

  2. Hi Marilyn... was just taking the time to look around your blog. I love the pink walls in your studio! They are so nice and soft and warm. I also love the stamps you drew! Do you have a line of rubber stamps? If you don't, you should! Those are darling. I'll continue on looking around your blog..... though I should be crafting!