Monday, May 27, 2013

Angels....Verdigris, Rusty Metal and Marble....a cinch to create!

Hello, friends!

A few years back (quite a few in fact.....), I designed a craft book called "Rusty Tin Wood".  It featured painting techniques on wood that made it look like some of the rusty tin that was so popular at the time.  Recently, when coming up with a design for  a monthly Smoothfoam Blog that I contribute to, I thought of this painting technique and applied it to the lightweight foam I was working with.  These angels are reminiscent of something that would be made out of concrete block or solid metal.  I used craft supplies that I had on hand to embellish each project and you can make it very simple or elaborate, depending on your taste!

If you would like the instructions for these projects, you can go to the Smoothfoam Blog at
Take a look around while you are on the site.  Our design team has found some impressive ways to use Smoothfoam!  You will find a variety of inspiration!


Rusty Metal


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A somber salute to all of our fallen heroes
this Memorial Day, 2013!


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