Monday, May 6, 2013


Springtime is here; Summer is soon to follow. Birthdays and 4th of July are special events deserving of a banner to shout out our best wishes for a great celebration! Below are two examples and inspirations for celebrating by giving a "shout out" with die-cut banners.

For the Birthday banner, I chose five shades of cardstock and layered the background with two; then mixed up the remaining three colors for the letters.  You can cut the letters as big as you like and then cut out the background papers accordingly.  I have noticed that many Cricut cartridges have a cupcake design and you can top the cupcake with a heart, cherry, berry, or mix it up with something to match the birthday theme.

For the 4th of July banner, I cut little strips of paper and glued one to the top edge of each letter.  Each strip was then folded into a loop over the cording and adhered to the back of the letter to secure.  The little paper hooks were included with the die-cut I used for the stars, but you can substitute ribbons for the paper hooks.

To hang up my banners, I use CraZy TACKz.  They are available at many craft stores and online at You can pin a die-cut behind the tackz, then use the hook to hang ribbons and balloons. The blue pack contains red, white and blue stars.  Perfect for the 4th of July celebrations!

Hope you are enjoying this time of year.  I have visions of picnics and outdoor parties dancing through my head!  Wishing for you some great times in the sunshine!




  1. Love what you did with the banners! The 4th of July one would be perfect for our annual cookout. Thank you for sharing your projects! "Wishing" you a wonderful day!