Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Deflecto products to "Celebrate the Green"

All of us are Irish when March 17th gets here, right?
If you forget to wear something green, there will always be someone to remind you that there may be a pinch in store!  How many of us have used the excuse that my underwear are socks are green, etc.? Being all in good fun, I offer an idea to fend off pinches at work along with some decorations to celebrate the month of March!

This Celtic luminary is an acrylic tri-frame by Deflecto.  I used my Cricut machine to cut-out this glitter paper over-lay (Artbooking cartridge by Close To My Heart) to decorate the frame.  I cut one for each frame and filled in on either side of the over-lay with strips of the same paper.  I made the shamrocks from the same glitter paper by cutting out 1" hearts and gluing them to a smaller circle of paper.  I glued rhinestones to the middle of the shamrock and added a little stem.

To make this a luminary, I placed a battery lit tea light inside the tri-frame.  Below is a magnified picture (Thanks to Pic-Monkey) for what it should look like in the dark!  Just slightly exaggerated........

Now for the "Pinch Protection"!  I use the program Pic-Monkey to edit photos and you can use it to create your own thing.  I created the little sign pictured below, saved it, then sized and printed it from a Word document.  You can make this any size you want.  I used Deflecto's 3" x 4" acrylic craft frame.
Below is a fun craft frame by Deflecto.  The border is already green!  I just added paper, some signage and decorated it with a little leprechaun clip and some coins.  (Coins are glued to a piece of paper then clipped on).
I tied some 3-ply jute cording around the bottom and now have a fun decoration to display during the month of March.

Looking for signage?  Pinterest has a good supply of free printables.  You can Google to find them too.

Hope you have been a little inspired to go and celebrate the Green!

Take time to enjoy life's little blessings and
Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. Really cute ideas Marilyn! I saw these on Facebook and was hard to figure out quite what they were... but when I take a closer look, they are really darling. Love the green frame and the "word art". I think St. Patties Day is going to pass me up this year before I get even one thing made for it! Marilyn Jo

  2. Very cool designs for the holiday! Thanks for sharing Marilyn!