Friday, July 25, 2014

On any given studio

The REALITY of my daily studio living......this is it!  Some days it looks worse, some days it looks better!  I especially like it when the square table is cleaned off and laid out for my classes.  There are always pretty paper place-mats and some goodies on an otherwise clean table!

I put the pictures into a sequence from wall-to-wall in the space.  When I have it clean, the way I like it; I will take a picture of the entire room.

What prompted me to show off my space today?  Well; we have put together a design team for Deflecto, LLC.  They manufacture office and storage supplies (among other things), and our design team will be using the products in our spaces and thinking of how we can possibly improve our spaces with some new products!

Ok  So imagine you have just walked through the door to my creative lair.  If you look to the left, you will see this shelf. Picture #1.  I have a SECRET!  This is really a door!  Yep!  A door!  If it is closed, it would look just like a matching shelf on the other side of the fireplace in the family room.  My hubby threatens to lock me in...only problem is, I keep the shelves so full most of the time, he wouldn't be able to get it closed! When I was developing product and had lots of things to hang up, I put a cork board on the back of the door...out of site when it is open.  It is great for hanging things that I want out of the way.

Pictured above is the door/shelf...that is open with lots of stuff on it.  The middle picture is the entry way to my storage closet.  There is lots more stuff...stuffed into the rest of it and you don't really need to see that eye sore!  Next to the closet in the corner is my desk.....I am working on getting something new there.  Just don't know what yet.  The pictures below are to the right of my desk, going around the room....#4-#6.
 Below (#7) is my cutting station.  I have a Zing machine to the left.  I really need to learn to use it better.  Either that, or trade my machines in for a new model that does it all!  My fireplace is so cozy in the Winter. I have been going to paint the hearth Black forever....I guess we picked out the wood for it when we built, but it really isn't me to keep it the Oak looking color.  Now for #9!  This table is in a constant state of flux!
I will have to clean it off before I start on something new.  I use the little kitty food boxes to put collections of stuff I am working on in....keeps everything kind of sorted out....Emphasis on "kind of".
 The picture below is as you go out the door.  I have been trying to purge again.....and there are boxes lining the floor going into the family room.  I could say that this usually looks all picked up....but I would be lying.
So, that is it and all for today!  Wait!  I took a picture of my kitty in here this morning.  I think I need to add it to the post because it was all on this day!  It is a beautiful day, I might add!  The end of July in the Summer time.  Lots of possibilities for fun, a week-end just ahead and more craft supplies than a person could use in a lifetime!  What else could a creative mess like myself possibly need???  Oh!  My coffee!  My kitty and my coffee; that is all I need!  (A little Steve Martin humor there.....remember "The Jerk"?  Funny movie!)
Hope you are having a great day!  Take time to enjoy the little blessings along the way!

Live Life with a Flourish,



  1. So fun seeing your studio! Looks like you have lots of goodies I need to play I love how your cat is looking at the keurig like its an alien. What do you have hanging like a banner in front of the pic # 6?

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for taking the time to check it out! I always try to keep the studio free of most craft supplies. There are lots of them out of sight in the closet on shelves and in bins in the garage...under the table, in cupboards, etc.! I hope to get a new desk and wall units with it. That is on my list! Would love for you to come and play sometime. The garland looking thing are greeting cards that I have made. I change them out as I get new paper collections and sell them in the Mercantile or on Etsy. Fluffy isn't all that fond of my coffee pot that close to her lair. I'm not that fond of her being so close to my coffee pot! Lol. M.