Sunday, July 27, 2014

My pretty handmade Pocket Journal/Album

Hello and Happy Day to you!  Pictured today is a Pocket Journal/Album that I came up with yesterday.
I have been purging supplies in my studio and  came across some Anna Griffin papers that I have been holding onto since 2000, 2001.  I love Romantic Country and didn't know exactly what to do with the papers until now.  I can't believe I have kept them until they are almost Vintage!  How time flies when you are havin' fun!  (Or not!)  It just seems to fly anyway!  Lol.  I have also used some other favorites that are out of stock and cannot be purchased any longer.  The Chantilly papers and chipboard Complements I used on this project are from Close To My Heart.  I had extras, but not many left.  I have loved this collection and was sorry to see it go!  I do still have a little "stash" that I will be dipping into from time to time.  And lots of new papers I will be sharing too!

The journal is about 5-1/2" tall x 5" wide.  The front and back covers are cardstock with a pocket envelope glued to the inside.  There are extra notecards in those pockets to make notes on or to save ephemera.  I resisted the temptation to rubber stamp, glue embellishments, etc., because I thought you might like to do that yourself if you happen to be the one to purchase this item in my Etsy Shop! Yes!  It will be up for sale!

Each of the pocket pages were cut, folded and glued by me.  Takes a little time to get everything just right.  I made a slide-out card for each pocket with some lines to write on and plenty of room for pictures and ephemera.

I happen to love these journals.  I have made many that are smaller and they are so fun to fill up with little mementos, die-cuts, sparkles, etc.  You can hang them from the binder ring or store them in a box, such as the one I have  made for this journal that is pictured below.

Below is a pictorial of the journal from the front cover to the back.  I didn't picture the very back...but it is similar to the front, not quite as embellished.

If you have any questions, please leave me a note.  

Journal Box made from Chantilly papers and Complements.......(Love...)

If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind handmade journal/album; visit my Etsy shop...the link is listed above.  (StuffandThings&Company)  I spent most of the day designing and putting this together, so the price may seem a little high.  If it saves you shopping for paper, embellishments and trying to figure out how I made just might be worth checking out!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy the little blessings along the way!

Live Life with a Flourish,



  1. MJ, I'm SWOONING over this album! LOVE Anna Griffin and her papers. If I could hoard one kind, it would be all of hers for the last 15 years! This album is so darling and I see how much work you did on it. Love the box too.. so so much. and of course, love all the pinks and greens and Chantilly!

    1. Thank you MJo! I love creating these and then going through them page by page! I had to restrain myself from doing any more to it....trying to leave it fairly pristine. I wanted to make sure these papers went into something that wouldn't just be thrown away eventually. At least I finally got something new in the shop! I hope to start adding lots more! Glad we both have a great love for French and Shabby!