Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few giggles from Laughing Lola!

It is almost September!  Who woulda' thought that Summer would pass so quickly?  It isn't completely gone yet, right??  You would not be aware of that fact if all you had to go by were the isles in the craft stores and department stores right now.  I am feeling a little ADD, working on all the holidays while still experiencing the heat of Summer.  The life of an avid crafter!  We have to stay ahead of the rush!

The featured paper for my September workshop is "Laughing Lola".  I love this paper.  It is perfect for the "back to school" season and can be carried over into October.  The colors are vibrant and so fun!  I have a lot of wood in my arsenal and have incorporated using the papers with a cute wooden box and some wood tags that I love.  

Next up are a set of greeting cards that I created using the Laughing Lola chipboard Complements to embellish. I used the pink zip strip off of one of the 12" sheets of paper for the saying on the bottom of the card. (The zip strip is the strip that has all of the ordering info on one side and a design on the other). I actually used one 12" long zip strip for all three cards!  These were so fast and easy that I had to share.

Are you inspired to craft now?  I have so many friends that don't think they are "crafty" or talented enough to make projects such as these.  That is why I do this!  I love to teach how to get er' done by having everything cut out and ready to go for the workshop.  I guide as it is needed and at the end of  the "fun" they will have a complete set of cards and a big smile on their faces!  Did I mention we like to talk, eat, drink coffee and tea while we work?  Sometimes we throw a little popcorn into the mix.  It is just about having fun!

Thanks for taking time to stop by and check things out.  If you have any questions, please message me.  I would love to hear from you.

May the Blessings flow freely;
Happy Crafting!


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