Monday, July 16, 2012


Good Morning Friends!

I just finished a piece of wall decor to hang up mementos or items you want to have handy for a kid's room. I used some cool items from New Image including CPE felt, Lara's wood shapes and of course our clear CraZy TACKz. The TACKz were embellished with black glitter before using them on the board. There is a tutorial on an earlier blog for applying glitter to the CraZy TACKz.  I covered a 12" square Smooth Foam wall mount from Plasteel Corporation with the giraffe patterned felt, then inserted it in the wooden frame that has a 1/2" indent.  (Found these at Craft Warehouse and Ben Franklin's Craft and Frame Shops).

At the bottom of the frame there is a wood rectangle that I painted and made into a shelf, secured by gluing 1/2" wood blocks to the frame and under the painted wood rectangle.

The pre-painted monkey and zebra shapes are secured in a standing position by gluing the same sized blocks to the backs of the feet and to the base.  The blocks are not visible from the front view.  There is room on the "shelf" to place a little jar of Q-tips, a picture, etc.

The CraZy TACKz were applied to the monkey's noses and along the top of the board. You can hook up jewelry, mementos, etc. for safe keeping. I have some ideas for up-cycled stuff that I will post a little later. Blogger has changed a little and I am still getting used to it. Hope this added a little inspiration to your day. I will post more soon!

I will close with a little tip from the CraZy TACKz Solutions board on my Pinterest site. It is summer and time for barbecues in the back yard. Here is a tip via photograph to keep your tools handy and organized.

Our summer has finally warmed up here in the Pacific Northwest. We are having beautiful days in the backyard and great meals on the bar-be. This is why we put up with so much rain during the rest of the year! Hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer as well!

The CraZy TACKz are now available at many crafting retailers and fabric stores.  Ask for them!

Happy Crafting!

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