Friday, May 4, 2012


Hello Friends!  Hope you are having a good day today!  I am enjoying all of the beautiful green that comes this time of year in the Pacific Northwest...just waiting for some sunshine! 

I have a fun and quick technique to show you.  Gordie Murphy, the inventor of CraZy TACKz also has a business called "Teaching Made Easier".  He was attending a trade show recently and was introduced to a product by Elmer's Glue, a variety of glitter glues and shiny colored glues.  Being a resourceful guy, he grabbed a box he had handy, (recycle project), and poked a bunch of clear CraZy TACKz into the box.  Then, he quickly applied different colors of the glitter glue to the stoppers of the tackz!  It had to be quick, or he wouldn't have done it!  So, the end result were glittered and colorful tackz ready to be used directly in chosen surface, or to be further embellished with paper punches, etc.  For some embellishment ideas, check out the crafts section of the website at  There will be lots more ideas posted on the website as time goes on.  So check back frequently!

Below is a picture of Gordie's decorated CraZy TACKz!  This is a primo Create It Yourself project!

This is a super big close-up, but I want you to get a good look at the product on the tackz.

Again, for more decorating ideas on CraZy TACKz, visit, the craft section.  Check out our videos while you are there too!

Hope you are making it a great day!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant 

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