Sunday, December 8, 2013


 'Tis the Season!  Here is a DIY Jolly Snowman Vignette that can stay up through January!  Would you like the instructions?  Check out the December Blog Post on the Smoothfoam Blog at .  You will find the instructions there along with some other fun projects by professional designers in the craft industry.

The Starburst Snowflake Wall decor that is pictured behind the snowmen is posted here on an earlier blog.  If you scroll down you will find it in the November posts.  There are instructions there.

 Scroll down for some more photos......

Our weather has a lot of us thinking about snowmen!  Here in Oregon we have been having record setting low temperatures!  The sun has been coming out during the day, but the thermometer has been staying at about 20 degrees and lower.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  We got our Christmas trees yesterday.  I will post a picture at the end of this blog post.  Hope you are enjoying the season!  I am trying to find the little blessings each day and celebrate them all!

I will post pictures once I get the trees decorated!



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