Monday, December 1, 2014


Happy December!  Are you up to your armpits in Christmas decorations?  I know I should be, but we relaxed over the long Thanksgiving week-end, so next week-end will be our traditional trek to the tree farm.  In the meantime, I have been playing with some decorating ideas.  I wanted to see what I could come up with using papers and my die-cutting machine.  This snowflake themed garland and snowmen were one of the creations I came up with.  I thought it might spark some creative ideas in you, as it can be created in traditional colors and different shapes! 

I used boa garland, bead trim, cardstock and my die-cutting machine with a winter themed cartridge.  The snowflakes and snowmen are embellished with flat metallic beads.  I know you can find some of these at the Robin's Nest because I featured some in the previous blog post.  Check it out!

Now I need to tell you about the clever and handy way that I got these decorations hung up without showing a nail or big shiny plastic hook!  I used a fairly new product called CraZy TACKz.  Yes, I am shameless when it comes to promoting them!  I have many posts on here showing  fun crafty projects with them IN it!  But, first and foremost, they are a great piece of hardware that you can use to hang-up lights, garlands, ornaments, etc.!  They have a hook that will hold up to two lbs. in drywall and soft wood.  

I have a Christmas tree that I decorate every year with boa feather garland.  I call it my floofy tree and I will post a picture of it set up in my dining room at the end of this blog.  It isn't up yet this year, but it looks pretty much the same every season.  I use boa feather garland and it gives the effect of snow!  I love this tree because I can put all the girly ornaments on it in keeping with the romantic country decor that I love!

The photos here are to show the projects, I didn't leave them this way.  The Happy Holidays banner on the mantle wasn't finished here.  I embellished it with small silver ornaments and some ribbons.  Again, hopefully these will inspire some new ideas for your home decorating this Holiday season!

Below is a close-up of a CraZy TACK(z) in action!  They are great for hanging up jewelry and such too!

Ok, last but now least, is a picture of my "floofy" tree!  It is fake, but my other two trees will be fresh off the tree farm.  We don't buy into the commercialism of Christmas very much, but we do love to decorate the house with lots of lights and Christmas cheer!  

From my family to you and yours, I send warm wishes and hope that you experience all the joys that this Season brings!  I say, take time to smell the pine trees and take in the beauty that surrounds us!  Cheers!

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Live Life with a Flourish!


CraZy TACKz are presently available on Amazon, at JoAnn's stores, Container Stores and various retailers.


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