Monday, February 4, 2013

(Some)....CRAFTS I LOVE!

Good Morning Blog Hoppers!  I realized that I had a project posted, appropriate for the month, but had not yet posted my project for DCC's monthly blog hop for today!  I decided to dig into the archives, because there are so many crafts that I love; but my all-time favorite has been craft painting.  I am posting some pictures from a Hot Off The Press publication, circa 2001.  I may be dating myself, but I still love purchasing an item for around a Dollar and making it into something to be proud of to decorate with or give as a gift.  So, the following are some ivy bowl projects that were painted with a paint that is especially for glass and clay pot surfaces.

(For a close-up view of the pictures, click on one for a slide show!)

 In honor of February, the picture above is the "Queen of Hearts".  Two ivy bowls with fluted edges and some small embellishments made this cutie worthy of "giving"!  Lift the top bowl, (head), and fill the larger bowl with candy or some kind of surprise!  The photo shown below is a cute little bee snack plate trio.  A candle is burning in the small ivy bowl head.

Below is a zebra painted ivy bowl.  Hide a little treasure inside, then finish off with a small ivy bowl and a candle!  Perfect for a romantic evening!

The little cutie shown below is filled with cinnamon hearts.  The head is a wooden ball knob, glued to the top or the cork stopper and painted.  Not sure if you can still find the raffia hair in stores.  She is another gift that is fun to give for Valentine's Day!

The design shown below was created from a glass ivy bowl and a clear glass flower pot.  Detail for the face is shown in the thumbnail photo in the bottom corner.  I have a friend that loves lady bugs and she decorated for a small reception using this as her theme.  Cute!

 And finally, another bottle!  This one was painted and put together using the same technique as the Cinnamon Hearts bottle.  The embellishing is the frosting on the cake and so much fun to do!  Easy too!

That is it for today.  I had fun going back and looking through some old books.  These publications have been out of circulation for some time, but I enjoy going back in time and bringing some of these projects to life again!

Hope you have an awesome month of LOVE and enjoy the rest of the hop.
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Happy Crafting
& Celebrate Love!


  1. These are crafty adorable! Love all of them